The IWGS 2006 Symposium
and Florida Aquatic Nurseries present

The Blues

A collection of more than 50 blue tropical waterlilies
in one place at one time
Gallery 4 and a look at some new FAN hybrids
Images by Rich Sacher - Click to enlarge

Note: Provenance has not been provided for the correctness of waterlilies in this collection. Those that Victoria-Adventure views as possibly incorrect are indicated with *, reasons stated with (click to) large images. Please do not consider any images with * as this web site's acknowledgement of correctness. Each is reported as part of the collection for a complete record of The Blues. 

'Tanglewood Blue'

'Teri Dunn'




'William Mc Lane'

'Wood's Blue Goddess'


New Hybrids
Florida Aquatic Nurseries

 Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3

Other Reports from the IWGS 2006 Symposium

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