OzPond 2005 was organized by International Horticultural Communications, principally Philip Swindells, Ross Walters and Vic Pennisi, in conjunction with the Horticulture Team of Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE (Technical And Further Education). The Symposium and Awards Ceremony took place in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, September 16.

Ozpond 2005
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Text by Noelene Pullen - Photos by Nan Bailey
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Famed Australian hybridizer Charles Winch was honored with the Araleun Award, given for excellence in water gardening in Australia. The name is from the Aboriginal word for "place of waterlilies". Winch was also inducted into the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society's Hall of Fame and won the 2005 IWGS New Waterlily Competition. His daughters Noelene Pullen and Margaret Edwards accepted on his behalf.

The Awards Ceremony was held about 3.15pm (after a delicious afternoon tea), beside the TAFE College horticulture pond - a delightful setting. The Mayor of Toowoomba, Dianne Thorley, was able to take time from her busy schedule to present the Araluen Award to us and was very enthusiastic. Barre Hellquist then presented the IWGS Awards. We were interviewed by a journalist from the local paper and had our photo taken - this appeared in the newspaper the following day!


  Barre Hellquist (at left) gave a fascinating and well-illustrated two hour lecture on his research into Australian native waterlilies accompanied by his enlightening field expedition stories. We then enjoyed a sumptuous buffet dinner and fascinating conversations. During this time the wind strengthened and the rain poured down. This was music to everyone's ears as we have all been experiencing drought conditions, especially bad in the Toowoomba area.


As soon as we arrived back in Sydney, Margaret and I
drove out to see Dad. He was thrilled and amazed at the beautifully presented awards!

Pre-Symposium Gathering
Pre-Symposium Tour
Profile - Charles Winch


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