Perry D. Slocum

1913 - 2004

Perry & Louise

Peter & Perry 



Perry pursuing his truly remarkable photographic talent



 N. 'Pink Sensation'

N. 'Peaches and Cream' 

One of Perry's earliest hybrids and one of his latest

In loving memory from his many friends and admirers

who include
Cla and Janet Allgood, Guillermo Angulo, Nan Bailey,
Billy Bates & Steve Kennon, Enrique Bay-Schmith, Lou Belloisy,
Danny Benjamin, Tsafi Guy, Noa Lavid
Paula Biles, Gianluca Bonomo, N. Nopchai Chansilpa, Jessica Clements,
Alex Creighton, Mohd Helmi Daud, Tracey DeFratus,
Elizabeth (Thomas) & Dan Diaz and family: William, Alexander & Nicholas
Duane Eaton, Joel M. Eberhardt, Babs Ellinwood, Susanna MacKenzie Euston,
Donna Fish, Marie Fisher, Soni & Dave Forsman,
Suwanna & Rainer Gaide, Donna Garris, Norma & Laurence Gedye,
Byoung Sup Ghill, Vickie Hamilton, Harro Hieronimus, Rebecca Holder,
Nancy & Lynn Jewett, Kevin Joyce, James Knock, Kit & Ben Knotts,
Heinjo & Jan Lahring, Hoon Lee, Jay Lee, Andre & Julia Leu,
Pablo Maccor & Soledad Dethiou, Frank Matherley, Jr., George W. McKay,
John Meeks, Robert Meyer, Asta Miklius,
John & Mary Mirgon, Jorge Monteverde, Alan Montour,
Larry & Sherry Nau, LouAnn Norman, Kathy Pendleton,
Michael Phillips, William Phillips, Craig & Darcy Presnell,
Andreas Protopapas, Rich Sacher, Seiji and Betsy Sakata,
Fernando Santos, Glynda Simpson, Stan Skinger, John Sou,
Meg and Tom Sponseller, Sean Stevens, Charles B. & Sally Thomas,
Cyndie & Mike Thomas, Chaipol Thumsuwan, Sheila Tierney,
Lois & Tom Tilley, Maria Grazia Vitturini,
Dr. Slearmlarp & Praw Wasuwat, Werner Wallner, Kai Witte

Anyone wishing to have their name added to this tribute write

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by Charles B. Thomas and Peter D. Slocum
Complete List of Perry D. Slocum's Waterlily, Lotus & Iris Cultivars
Compiled by Charles B. Thomas

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