Nedra Crow
Fenton, Missouri USA


By Nedra Crow - Click images to enlarge


Since the 1950s I had wanted a pond but I could not get my husband involved in it…. He had NO interest at all. In the 60s I bought a patio book - in the pages it showed a beautiful pond with ferns and all sorts of shady plants around it. I folded the page and stuck it in my wallet. After I retired in 1991, I unfolded my dream and started thinking seriously about having a pond dug. Nothing large - just a little something for beautiful lilies … maybe two of them. This pond was dug by a fellow who had destroyed my park-like backyard. He had put in a new septic system. My new pond was all of 125 gallons! And I thought I owned the world. All that summer I played with the pond - got wonderful blooms on my lilies … but something was missing.

One day at Best Of Nature, I spied gorgeous koi … two of them … swimming around in Connie's tanks. She told me all about the hobby of koi keeping - and I became an enthusiast right off the bat. I collected two more koi (4 inches each) and 3 goldfish. All for a 125 gallon pond!! I stumbled across the newsgroup rec.ponds and started reading and researching. To my horror I realized that I had stuffed 4 small koi and 3 goldfish in a tiny pond big enough for maybe two goldfish.

In October of 1995 a fellow came over to do some yard work … I talked him into digging a big pond for me. It measures 15' x 13' and varies in depth from 2.5 feet to about 3 feet. He built some shelves into the pond for me too. I didn't move my koi right away…. I was afraid to! In March the following year I moved the koi and goldfish into the big pond…. Oh how they frolicked and laughed and played! I had 5 lilies that were so pretty … they got moved over to the big pond as well. Well… you know the koi were so delighted with the lilies they would show off in front of me by pulling them out of their pots and racing across the pond with them dangling in their mouths. Naturally the lilies took offense at this treatment and decided they would not show up the next year for such untoward treatment. Only three have survived and they grow and bloom in spite of the attentions of the koi.

Time has a way of getting past folk who are content in what they are doing. I discovered I was in love (again) with lotus. I shopped around the net and finally decided to check the local pond shops. There I found a BUY! I could not believe the price the lady was asking so I scooped up four of them. I bought Ben Gibson, Mrs. Perry D. Slocum, Chawan Basu and Momo Botan. I planted them in round pots in whiskey barrels… the Mrs. Perry D. Slocum got planted in the 125 gallon pond. It bloomed like crazy. There are more pictures of them on my first web site. In September I started worrying about how I was going to winter them over in my zone 6 climate. I came up blank and decided to have a lotus pond dug. This was in 1998/1999. The lotus really love this pond and prove it year after year with bumper crops of gorgeous blossoms. That brings me up to this summer. I added a web page for lotuses. As you can see, I adore my koi and lotuses.

I have 2 sons, 2 daughters-in law and 4 grandchildren. All live close to me, lucky gal that I am. I still live in the house my husband and I bought in 1957. It's small but big enough for me and my vast collection of beautiful memories of ponds and lilies and, now, fish! And I'm a proud member of the St. Louis Water Gardening Society.

Nedra Crow passed away suddenly October 13, 2007, and will be greatly missed.

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