The Charles Winch
Nurseries -
A Photographic Journey

Images provided by Noelene Pullen
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< Australian hybridizer Charles Winch
in 2003 at his fourth nursery


The First Nursery - Circa 1950

< Charlie acquired his first goldfish when he was very small and his first waterlily in 1928 when he was ten years old. The passion for water gardening grew and took up most of his parents' backyard.  

Charlie is surrounded by his early ponds built from
reinforced concrete and stone. >

<Left side of yard.

Right side of yard >

 The Second Nursery - 1957

< Charlie (left) with older brother Wilfred (centre), and father William (right) laying the concrete base for the first ponds on his own property.


Charlie sealing the brick walls of the pond
with a cement-wash. >

< The completed pond is being filled with water ready for the curing of the cement, before it can be put to use. 

 View of the whole yard that Charlie looked after
in conjunction with that of his parents' place
fourteen doors away. >

Charles Winch's daughters Noelene, left, and Margaret, right, at the second nursery in 1963.


The Third Nursery - 1980

The first ponds built here were like those at his second nursery (foreground). The next ones (middle) were made by digging out the soil and sloping the sides, then pouring concrete on both the sides and base and topping the sides with a few rows of bricks around the edges. Charlie also bought several rain water tanks (rear) which he placed on concrete bases. > 

< 1986 - Charlie changed pond building techniques again using black plastic instead of concrete to line his excavated holes in the ground. This photo shows the next change with black plastic used to line ponds made from water pipe and metal sheeting. Charlie (watched by grandson Mark Pullen) is levelling the soil with a mattock in preparation for some more ponds like those behind him. 

The Fourth Nursery - 1997
< Here we see a typical summer's day at the nursery when the yard is a mass of Charlie's vibrant coloured tropical waterlily hybrids.  

Charlie is standing behind his tropical hybrid 'Beryl', named for his wife who passed away in 1996. It was she who suggested and encouraged him to import some American cultivars in 1953 that resulted in greater
success with hybridisation. 

Profile - Charles Winch

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Introduction by Noelene Pullen & Margaret Edwards

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