Visitations by a Juvenile Bald Eagle
starting July 13, 2005

Kit & Ben Knotts, Cocoa Beach, Florida - Click images to enlarge

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Now making itself totally at home, it hung out at Reflection, looking into the water -- possibly at its own reflection.  
Watching it drinking and gazing by Riches a few days later, we tried to slip out to the deck to get a better picture. Though we startled it, we got our first picture in flight.

We are visited at least once a day now. As we went up the stairs to the third floor, Cheech slammed to a halt and there it was, right on the railing not 8 feet from us. We watched through the glass, took pictures and it paid us no attention other than to look at us occasionally. Will a perch in the living room be next?

We've been told by other observers that it is frequently right on the beach, eating carrion and whatever it might be catching otherwise.



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