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January 23, 2003, with a bitter cold front bearing down on us, PIDEL (People Interested in Developing Extraordinary Lilies) met at Craig and Darcy Presnell's Luster Aquatics in Delray Beach, Florida. We had expected William Phillips and Michael Phillips to join us but that didn't work out. We are sure they and many other PIDELers were with us in spirit.

PIDEL originator Kevin Joyce (he gave it the name so he gets to be President) convened the meeting with Rich Sacher and Ben Knotts also present. Since there was not a quorum (anyone with a desire to PIDEL is automatically a member), nothing was decided but much was discussed.

Topics included methods of PIDELing and conversation about many waterlilies, created by members and others. Many lilies were blooming well at Luster after several warm days so it was an impressive display! The Victorias were remarkably also still blooming. We hope all other PIDELers will enjoy these images.

Craig, Rich, Kevin, Darcy, Kit

N. 'Midnight'

Rich and Craig


Some of the growing tanks



Craig's 2003 Introduction 'Midnight Embers'



Two unnamed "cushion-center" hybrids and 'Red Rocket' (right)

The PIDEL Summer Meeting are usually takes place in conjunction with our annual Open Garden and we are too busy PIDELing to remember to take pictures.

2004 Winter Meeting of PIDEL

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