James Knock, who lives in the United Kingdom, has been a dedicated collector of Strawn waterlily cultivars for many years and is an expert in their identification and cultivation. Most cultivars were obtained directly from Strawn Water Gardens in the years 1994 through 1998.

In these galleries, James takes us through seasonal and age related changes in coloration of many Strawn cultivars. High summer in England, sometimes only two to three weeks long, provides the most dramatic colors of all, often not seen in other climates. None of the images have been color enhanced or color adjusted.  

James Knock's Tribute
to the
Brilliance of Kirk Strawn

Photos & Notes © James Knock, www.fishponds.com - Click images to enlarge 


Nymphaea 'Lemon Mist'


When it comes to naming lilies, Kirk came up with some great ones. This just happens to be one of my favourites. It sums up the plant perfectly.

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Depending on the maturity of the plant, flower shape can be quite variable on this hybrid. Young plants often produce flowers where the inner petals curve inwards at their tips. This is particularly noticeable early in the season. Once plants have matured flowers become more open and slightly stellate. The overall effect is very pleasing with its subtle colouration and makes a great contrast to brighter varieties. Mature plants at the height of summer hold their flowers high above the foliage and are reliably free flowering.


A youngish plant >


< ^ Mature plants, summer

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N. 'Lemon Mist' by other photographers

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