Undescribed Possible New Species
by Andre Leu, Queensland, Australia

These pictures are of a small undescribed species from Normanton that I thought were N. hastifolia. This species is only known from two sites. It is larger than N. hastifolia and smaller than N. violacea. The flowers are more stellate than N. elleniae.


The most interesting taxonomic feature are the beige anthers and the dull crimson stigmatic cup. The stamens and stigmatic cup are yellow in all described Anecphya. The flowers are usually around 2 inches wide with 4 inch leaves, however they sometime reach 4 inches with 6 inch leaves. 




Images of this same species from 2002 >>

Compare to N. hastifolia images and Field Notes
by Dave Wilson



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Field Collecting Australian Water Lilies 2000, 2001
Field Collecting Australian Water Lilies 2002

The Normanton Lilies - A New Species?

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