N. 'Andre Leu' x N. violacea (pink)
by Andre Leu, Queensland, Australia

These are pictures of hybrids of pollen from a pink N. violacea and N. 'Andre Leu' as the seed parent. Every one is slightly different, however most are mauve. ( I was hoping for a rich pink)




 They are very interesting. They have the entire leaves and the black stripes of N. violacea and the floral structures of 'Andre Leu'. There is an obvious gap between the petals and the stamens which is one of the significant characteristics of the gigantea subgroup of Anecphya. The violacea subgroup does not have the gaps. The flower petals are the similar to 'Andre Leu' but are a little more stellate from the influence of the N. violacea.

They are proving to be good growers. They seem to be able to grow and flower in small and large pots and they flower prolifically. The one plant that I transplanted into a larger pot has the largest flowers in my collection. I believe that, when I finally plant one out in an earth bottom dam, that it will have the largest flowers of any Anecphya - over 12 inches. These could be the basis of very good plants for garden ponds and small tubs.


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