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List of Currently Accepted Nymphaea Species With Links to Images
 Cultivar Galleries - Named Waterlily Identification

Day Blooming Tropical Cultivars (Subgenus Brachyceras) Complete 500K

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Brachyceras Species Images 


Hardy Cultivars (Subgenus Nymphaea) Complete 600K

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Nymphaea Species Images 


Night Blooming Tropical Cultivars (Subgenus Lotos)

Subgenus Lotos Species Images

Subgenus Hydrocallis Species Images 


Day Blooming Tropical Cultivars
(Subgenus Anecphya - The Australians)

Subgenus Anecphya Species Images 

  Intersubgeneric Day Blooming Cultivars
(Subgenus Anecphya x Subgenus Brachyceras
and Subgenus Anecphya x Subgenus Lotos)

  Intersubgeneric Day Blooming Cultivars
(Subgenus Nymphaea x Subgenus Brachyceras)

  Antique Illustrations of Waterlilies 1500-1910 

  Galleries By Photographer 

 Other Galleries
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The Charles Winch Collection displayed at New Orleans Botanical Garden 2006
Introduction by Noelene Pullen & Margaret Edwards
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Thai Hybridizers Top 2007 IWGS Best New Waterlily Competition 
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