Nymphaea 'George L. Thomas' Strawn c. 1995
by Charles B. Thomas

During a visit with Kirk during the mid 1990's Kirk and I were walking around his ponds. We came upon some lilies that had recently been thrown on the pond bank to dry and die.

I told Kirk, "I like that red one." He replied that he didn't like the way it grew. I'm not sure if he meant it grew too fast or too slowly. I told Kirk that I loved its brilliance, and I'd like to try it, and asked if he would grow out 500 plants for me.

Kirk agreed, saying that I could have an exclusive with it and name it. Then he gave me one to sample at Lilypons. It grew beautifully with plenty of blossoms and multiplied nicely in Maryland.

As it turned out, Kirk lost his stock of it, while after several years we had enough at LWG to offer it publicly.

Kirk never sold any George L Thomas (as far as I know). However, he certainly deserves credit for its origination.

It was named for four family members bearing its name: my grandfather, father, brother, and his son (my nephew, the only surviving George L. Thomas).

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