More Detailed Description of
Nymphaea 'Eastern Moon'
Hybrid by Chaiyaphon Thamasuwan

N. 'Eastern Moon'

Pod parent
N. 'Fong Shompoo'

Pollen parent
N. 'Purple Haze'


Size: 6”
Sepal color: light green at the base, merging into violet
Number of sepals: 4
Petal color: yellow at the base, merging into violet
Number of petals: 50-54
Flower shape: cup-like
Stamen color: rich yellow/gold
Anther color: yellow, violet tips
Fragrance: pleasant


Color: top green, underside green with purple patches
Size: 12” long and 8-10” wide
Sinus: closed, with raised edges at the point where they abutt.
Spread: 2-3 meters
Stem color: reddish brown


A good plant for large containers or ponds - pleasing, even leaf distribution - flower colors blend well with the leaves - open all day - tolerates some shade

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