Nymphaea 'Maria'

Photos by Andreas Protopapas
Nymphaea 'Maria', winner of the 2005 Hardy Waterlily Competition, is one of the earliest cultivars by Andreas Protopapas. It was one of his first attempts at hybridizing. Working with limited water space, he made numerous crosses between a pink cultivar and N. mexicana. He selected the deepest yellow from the resultant crosses and named it N. 'Maria' after his daughter.

Although it has never been offered for commercial use, Andreas sent two plants to the UK, one to Kew Gardens and the other to the Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley. Below is a picture of the plant showing N. 'Maria' and the girl it was named after, taken at Kew Gardens in the summer of 1997. 


. . . and a more recent photo of N. 'Maria'

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