The Australian Waterlily Subgenus
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Anecphya Gallery 2001-2 | 2003 - N. elleniae | N. gigantea
N. immutabilis subsp. immutabilis | N. violacea
Undescribed Possible New Species or N. hastifolia
New Hybrids of N. 'Andre Leu' x N. violacea 
  C. Barre Hellquist
Gallery 1 - New species 2006 N. alexii, N. carpentariae, N. georginae
Gallery 2 - N. atrans, N. gigantea, N. hastifolia
Gallery 3 - N. immutabilis, N. immutabilis subsp. kimberleyensis, N. macrosperma
Gallery 4 - N. violacea
  Australians in Malaysia - Photos by Tuckfook Ng 
  Nymphaea hastifolia (subgenus Anecphya) - Photos and Field Notes by Dave Wilson 
  Nymphaea immutabilis subsp. immutabilis - Photos and Field Notes by Nannette Bailey 
  Introduction to Anecphya, the Australian Subgenus of Waterlilies by Walter Pagels
  Growing Australian Tropical Waterlilies (Anecphya) 
  Field Collecting Australian Water Lilies - Expeditions 2000-2001 by Andre Leu
  Field Collecting Australian Water Lilies - Expedition 2002  by Andre Leu 
  Key to the Identification of the Australian water lily subgenus Anecphya 
  The Normanton Lilies - A New Species? by Andre Leu 
  New Australian Waterlily Species Named November, 2005 by Andre Leu 
  Guide to Anecphya Seed & Seedling Cultivation by William Phillips  
  Waterlily Hunting in Queensland by Nan Bailey 
  Australian Native Waterlilies Near Cooktown, Queensland - by Nan Bailey 

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