Nymphaea hastifolia
(subgenus Anecphya)
Photos and Field Notes by Dave Wilson
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These photos of N. hastifolia (Anecphya) are from a place called Girraween Lagoon which is three kilometers from my place in Australia's Northern Territory. It was also the site where they filmed the crocodile grabbing Linda Kaslowski by the water bottle in the first Crocodile Dundee movie. The actual site of the photos is an overflow of water into a small paperbark swamp. The water quality and substrate character are recorded in field notes below.

Time: 11.00 am to 11.45 am
Date: 01/03/2002
Location: Unnamed billabong approx 100 meters west of Giraween Lagoon. 30 km southeast of Darwin in the NT (top end of down under)

Water Quality: Temp 32 deg C, carbonate hardness less than 5 ppm, hardness less than 5 ppm, pH less than 6, Iron between 0.25 and 0.5 ppm, phosphate less than 0.1 ppm, nitrate N less than 5 ppm, nitrite N less than 1ppm, total ammonia ammonium zero. (tests are conducted with Aquasonic brand reagent kits and would not be considered accurate but merely indications which may help the aquatic gardener to cultivate this species.)

Substrate: fine sand with organic matter, the bottom of billabong
has a covering of fallen Melaleuca and Eucalypt leaves.

Riparian Veg: Pandanus spiralis, Melaleuca sp., Eucalypt sp.,
various grasses, sedges and others

Submerged Veg: various grasses and sedges, Nymphaea hastifolia, Goodenia purpurescens, Limnophila chinenses, Blyxa aubertii, Eriocaulon setacean, Xyris indica and others not easily identified.







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