Waterlily Cultivation

Growing waterlilies is easy and fun! If you have a container that holds water (your pond), a pot and some firm soil, you can have a waterlily as part of your water garden. The articles below will help you learn the differences in types, how to pot, how to fertilize and many other aspects of growing these glorious plants.

   The Difference Between Tropicals and Hardies
   Quick Guide To Growing Tropical Waterlilies - by Rich Sacher
   Growing & Propagating Hardy Waterlilies by Kit Knotts
   Potting Waterlilies - by Kit Knotts  
   Waterlily Planting Instructions - by Sharyn Munn
   Growing From Seed - by Kit Knotts  
   Growing Tropicals From Tuber - by Kit Knotts  
   Tropical Waterlily Tuber Propagation by Sean Stevens
   Tuber Production of Tropical Waterlilies - by Walter Pagels
   Viviparous Waterlilies - by Kit Knotts  
   Viviparous Tropical Waterlily Propagation - by Sean Stevens
   Repotting Overgrown Tropical Waterlilies - by Kit Knotts
   Dividing Tropical Waterlilies - by Kit Knotts  
  Overwintering Tropical Waterlilies - by Rich Sacher
  Overwintering Tropical Waterlily Tubers by Members of our Email Discussion List 
  Winterizing Tropical Waterlilies
With Tips for the Rest of the Year by Bob Meyer, Illinois USA  
  Growing Australian Tropical Waterlilies (Anecphya)
  Anecphya Cultivation Guide Part 1 - Seeds & Seedlings by William Phillips
  Thinning Night Blooming Tropicals by Kit Knotts  
  Hardy Waterlily Germination Study - by Don Stevens
  Caterpillar Attack! - by Kit Knotts
How to identify and control the larvae that afflict waterlilies
  Growing Waterlilies In Dixie Cups by Sean Stevens 
  Fertilizing Adult Waterlilies
  Fertilizing Waterlily Seedlings
  Germinating Hardy Waterlily Seeds by John Blagg   
  From WGI ONLINE Journal -
Growing Tropical Waterlily Seedlings in The Basement by Lou Belloisy  
  Chance Seedlings, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Charles Leach 
  Innovative Thermoplanter Expands Tropical Waterlily Season by Charles B. Thomas  

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