Louisiana Irises
From the slide collection of and ©
Dr. Clyde Ikins

Digitized by Dr. Jerry Parsons and the San Antonio Botanical Garden
Provided to Victoria-Adventure by Dr. Jerry Parsons and Duane Eaton
Reproduced with the permission of all parties
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with Historical and Hybridizing Notes by Dick Sloan

I. 'Amber River'
I. 'Art World'

I. 'Bayou Comus'


I. 'Bayou Honey'

I. 'Bayou Shadow' 

I. 'Bourbon Street'   

I. 'Cajun Country' 

I. 'Charles Arny III'

I. 'Clara Goula'

I. 'Chateau Michelle'

I. 'Commandment'

I. 'Creole Can-Can'

I. 'Creole Flame'

I. 'E.C. Everingham'

I. 'Helen Naish'

I. 'Jet Ace'


I. 'Katherine L. Cornay'

'Lavender Ruffles'


I. 'Lina' 

I. 'Mac's Blue Heaven'


I. 'Margaret Lee' 

I. 'Marie Caillet'


I. 'May Roy'

I. 'Mrs. Ira Nelson'

I. 'Parade Music'

I. 'Phoenix Red Velvet'

I. 'Professor Ike' 

I. 'Professor Jim'

I. 'Red Snapper'

I. 'Rose Cartwheel'

I. 'Ruth Sloan'

I. 'Sunny Episode'

I. 'Vermillion Treasure'


I. 'Yellow Web'


Historical and Hybridizing Notes by Dick Sloan

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