Over Night Transformation
of the pond at the
University of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
by Rich Sacher

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This pond at the University of New Orleans was filled in years ago and sodded over. They decided to resurrect it and had it dug out in September 2004, in time for the installation of the new Chancellor. We do not usually do installations but this was a special project, and a slow time at the nursery, so I was happy to do it.

In one day, we planted 1,000 bunches of anacharis into the soil bottom of the pond and installed lilies and bog plants. Lucky for them it is toward the end of the season, and we had lots of really big lilies!  

Here is the pond 24 hours later. We dyed the water black to mask the murky water so it would look nice for the special event. Eventually, it should reach equilibrium and clear up on its own.



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