Emergency Liner Pond
By Kit & Ben Knotts - Click images to enlarge

As sold as we are on concrete for our permanent ponds, we had something of a crisis in September 2003 that prompted us to build a quick liner pond. An unexpected flurry of Victoria sprouts meant that space needed to be made for them, space being occupied by juvenile Victorias that we wanted to try to over-winter.

We needed a location with maximum sunlight, good air circulation, access to power for some heating of the water later on, and a trickle of well water. The best space was on the ocean side of the garden between Reflection and the Pod Pools, the planned location of a permanent pond for several more adult Victorias to be built in spring 2004.


It took the better part of three days from start to installation.
  We cleared and leveled the site for a 4'x16'x15" tank 
  Assembled the materials and tools 
    8 - 2"x 8"x 8' for the sides
6 - 4"x 4"x 24" for the reinforcing the corners and side joints
5 - 2"x 4"x 8' for the cap
Deck screws
100' roll of 6 mil black sheet plastic 
  Put the frame together, did not cushion the bottom since it was soft sugar sand 
  Lined with 4 layers of plastic, added 1-2" of sand to the bottom, and filled 
  Piped the permanent trickle of water at the west end, drain on the east end 

The next morning we noticed that the sides were bowing outward from the weight of the water so we added a cross brace in the center, attached the cap boards and trimmed away the excess plastic. The little Victorias were all repotted slightly larger and placed in the pond. Fish and snails completed the installation.

Please note that this is a temporary pond which we expect to use for a maximum of 6 months, our reason for using inexpensive sheet plastic rather than a good quality liner.

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