Flecker Botanic

Cairns, Queensland, Australia

by Nan Bailey
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Back-scratcher ginger, Tapeinocheilos queenslandiae, over the main garden entrance, is the floral emblem of Cairns.

Garden Map
This boardwalk takes you through a tropical swamp forest from the Main Gardens to the Centenary Lakes section of the gardens.
At the right are some mature swamp trees. The one leaning across is Red Beech, Dillenia alata, a beautiful large-leafed tree with soft papery mahogany red bark, and showy, bright yellow flowers. The tall slender trunks on the left and the smaller palms on the right front, are Alexander Palms. In the center at the rear are some Melaleuca leucadendron, with their creamy paperbark and honey filled blossoms. Also at the rear is a very tall Pandanus.

Below is a typical selection of plants that grow in these wetland swamps, young Alexander Palms, Archontophoenix alexandrae, (front left); Lawyer Cane, Calamus australis, (a very spiky climbing palm used as rattan for baskets and furniture); long-leaved Paperbarks, Melaleuca leucadendron, (grows to 43m high). Mature trees will take inundation up to 2m or more. The Pandanus is monticola, also at left.



This is an area of mostly Pandanus solmslaubachii and a climbing swamp fern, Stenochlaena palustrus. Clumps of mangrove ferns, Acrostichum speciosum, also grow in the same area. They are the only ferns known to tolerate salt water.

The Victoria is framed by Typhonodorum, green and red stemmed Thalia geniculata, and a couple of waterlilies.

Victoria Images from Flecker Botanic Gardens by Ian Walker

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