The Making of a Pond in Spain

by Emilio Vilaró, Tortosa, Catalonia
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Once upon a time when land was cheap (yes ... that is how old I am), I bought land in the form of a big V. At the bottom of the V, there were wild plants, raspberries and a big hole. Sometime this is going to be a pond I said.

The main reason to have a pond was to collect water. In my home town it rains 700mm (27.5") per year which is not much, and water is expensive to use it to grow tomatoes. So whatever rain water I could get, the more things I could grow. 


But ... once I had the pond, a friend came and told me he had an old water deposit with 40 colored fishes. Could he give them to me since he did not want them to be thrown away? But ... what is a pond with fish and no plants??? The pond profile is like a slow sloping V, so it was difficult to plant anything since I could not hold any earth. So I put in some stones to make it somehow flatter and protected.

Every time it rained too much the pond overflowed so I had to protect the fish. I got tired of collecting them from the road ... not a very good place for fish. Once I convinced the fish not to go to that corner (I am very convincing ... well, the ones that were not convinced are not there anymore) I could begin with the plant situation.

It required only small fixing. Once you get the idea, you just follow it. You can see two levels of earth inside the pond for different plants. The hole at the far end is the entrance of the rain water collected.

So I said ... now I can have cigars to smoke

 Lovely waterlilies

Hey my koi ... you really are growing!|

Rice ... you need to produce some money to pay for the expenses

 The end result from the road

 If you look at the right of the road you can see the channel that
brings all the water collected

And when all is finished sitting down to look at it

 Until the last rays of sun, when I go home feeling it was a good days work

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