Benches For Around The Pond

By Walt Whybrew, Florida USA - Click images to enlarge

Here are several benches I have built for around my ponds. Two of the benches are relatively easy to make with either a jigsaw or bandsaw. A router would be useful to round over the edges of the boards after cutting.

The first two benches were made from a single pressure treated 12' long 1x12s and a few pieces of lumber I had around. I got the idea for the S-Bench on a pond tour organized by Aquatics & Exotics in Pinellas County, Florida. The bench I saw was just 1/2 of the S which I thought could be improved by doubling the curve.

The Book Bench is a derivative of the S-Bench, just flip over the second curve. It could be expanded to a table by putting straight boards between the two curved pieces and changing the legs.

The S-Bench


The Book Bench


Picnic Table & Benches


The picnic table and benches are made from scrap 1x4 pressure-treated lumber that a neighbor ends up with on his job. He installs windows and creates a large number of pieces that are 37" long and would just get thrown away. (I'm doing my part to save the environment.) The picnic table and its benches are very heavy because the 1x4s are on edge and there are a lot of them. The table and benches are held together with threaded rods (all thread), the table with three each 24" rods and the benches with three each 12" rods.

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