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Exciting things are happening at Atlanta Botanical Garden! These include construction of a new orchid house in 2002 and the conversion of a retention pond into a fabulous display pond in 2003.

Main Conservatory
Rich Sacher Photo

The Entrance
Rich Sacher Photo

The Main Aquatics Display Pond
Sean Hoelscher at back

Sean Hoelscher  


Main Display Pond

Sean Hoelscher joined the garden staff in June after graduating from Clemson University in May, 2003. He was assigned the task of putting the aquatic plant display together from scratch. He knew nothing about aquatic plants but was able to get plant material donated by the Denver Botanical Garden, which provided many of the hardy lilies bare-root. Tropical lilies were purchased from Perry's Water Gardens in North Carolina. The Victoria Conservancy donated two very small 'Longwood Hybrid' seedlings.

The Victorias achieved a pad size of just under four feet and bloomed profusely for several weeks. When the temperature dropped into the low 50's they were moved into the conservatory but they are having trouble adjusting to the transplanting.

For next year, the hardy lilies obtained in 2003 will again be displayed. It is hoped that the tropical lilies will make tubers that can be stored for 2004 and be supplemented with other donated tropicals. Victoria will again highlight the display with the probable addition of both species and V. 'Adventure' to the 'Longwood Hybrids'.

N. 'Colorado'
Rich Sacher Photo

Victoria flower

Hardy Lily Pond >
Kevin Joyce Photo


Sean Hoelscher says, "I think the one thing that we are most looking forward to is expanding on this year's display by utilizing a full growing season. The new pond was planted in June with all bare root plants so it did well, but hopefully next year it will be even better."

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