WGI members Darcy & Craig Presnell, Rich Sacher & Kevin Joyce, Kit & Ben Knotts (Ben took the photo), Charles & Sally Thomas, mascot Cheech
greet and guide.


Hosts IWGS

in Paradise

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The spectacular oceanfront garden and home of Water Gardeners International Executive Director Kit Knotts and husband Dr. Ben was a highlight of the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society's July 2006 Symposium tour through south and central Florida.

The Cocoa Beach garden, named Paradise by many of its visitors, was at its lush summer best, with blooming Victorias overflowing oceanside ponds. Waterlilies, some of them huge and others diminutive, some of them never-before seen cultivars and others faithful old favorites, provided guests with a stimulating look at both new and unusual varieties. WGI members in the photo above greeted and guided the 100+ people attending through the "surprise around every turn" watery wonderland.

Ben, Charles and Rich greet guests
as the busses arrive.

Ben answers questions.

Reflection is a favorite spot.

New ponds Sun and Moon are
popular as well.

Photo opportunities abound . . .

As do opportunites for conversation.

Lily Summers celebrates her seventh birthday on a Victoria pad, as she has every year since her birth.

WGI treats guests to beautiful fruit, cheese and vegetable platters, bottled water, extra shade and sea breeze.


IWGS thanks their hosts with a
plaque of appreciation.

WGI Hosts IWGS in Paradise Page 2 - Photos by Larry Nau

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