OzPond 2005 was organized by International Horticultural Communications, principally Philip Swindells, Ross Walters and Vic Pennisi, in conjunction with the Horticulture Team of Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE (Technical And Further Education). The Symposium took place in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, September 16, with a pre-Symposium tour the day before. Toowoomba is called Queensland's Garden City and is strategically located at the junction of major highways from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin.

OzPond 2005
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Text by Noelene Pullen - Photos by Nan Bailey
Captions with large images - Click to enlarge

Ju Raku En
Toowoomba's Japanese Garden

^ View over the lake of the
Wisteria Pergola

  My sister Margaret and I had a wonderful time at OzPond 2005. Everyone there seemed as delighted to meet us as we were to meet them and they were really thrilled that Dad (Charles Winch) was receiving recognition for his achievements. We arrived on Thursday in time to join the last stage of the pre-symposium bus tour at the Japanese Garden on the University campus. It was beautiful, especially in the warm afternoon sunshine. We were able to mingle and relax with everyone under a wisteria covered pergola, accompanied by chilled local white wine and cheese.

^ View of the azalea banks
< Yui Shin Tei, The Solitary Mind Garden
> Gymea lily, Doryanthes excelsa, next to the pond on the TAFE campus >

 On Friday morning our cousins drove us around to see the sites and some of the colourful public gardens. Next >

Queen's Park
Toowoomba, Queensland

Awards Ceremony
Pre-Symposium Tour

Noelene Pullen Photo

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