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From the glitter of a sunbeam reflecting from the water, the tinkle of a tiny fountain, the scent of a beautiful tropical waterlily, to the lazy lacy motion of a long finned koi, every sense is both stimulated and soothed by a pond in your garden. It invites you to sit by it and to reflect with it. It has become the highlight of your garden.

The creation of this tranquil little world within the garden is not difficult. There are as many ways to accomplish it as there are individual people and settings. It can be tiny, even in a container on the porch or patio. It can be huge, a natural bottomed wetland environment, teeming with wildlife. For most of us it is somewhere in between, and the planning and building of this special feature can be as much of a joy as the end result.

We bring you this section of our web site to help with plant selection and pond care, to detail methods and materials but above all, to share the contributions and combined knowledge of a truly world-wide group of enthusiasts which ranges from hobbyists to commercial aquatics growers to the representatives of the world's botanic gardens. The articles are varied, some seriously scientific, some seriously funny and everything in between.

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Filtration Systems for Water Gardens and Koi Ponds
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