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and Aquatic Plants

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As a non-commercial web site, the following does not constitute a recommendation of any source listed below but rather is a compilation of the positive experiences of ours and that of our email discussion list, many of whom are experienced water gardeners. Listings include national/regional retail and wholesale growers/distributors, mail order and internet, in the US only at this time.


Lilypons Water Gardens
Post Office Box 10
6800 Lilypons Road
Adamstown, Maryland 21910-0010
Phone 1.800.999.5459
Web site:

Perry's Water Gardens
136 Leatherman Gap Rd.
Franklin , NC 28734
Phone: 828-524-3264
Web site:

Waterford Gardens
74 East Allendale Road
Saddle River, NJ 07458
Telephone: 201-327-0721
Web site:

Retail & Wholesale:

Maryland Aquatic Nurseries
3427 North Furnace Road
Jarrettsville, Maryland 21084
Telephone (410) 557-7615
Web site:

Wholesale ONLY:

Lone Star Aquatic Nursery
13101 S. Dowling Rd.
College Station, TX 77845
Phone: (979) 779-6600
Fax: (979) 690-7993

Luster Aquatic Nursery
3864 Oak Hill Ranches Rd
Zolfo Springs, FL 33890
Phone (863)735-2400
Fax (863)735-2401
Web site:

In order to be listed, providers must have received a minimum of five positive comments, from personal experience and not hearsay. If negative comments have been received, two positive comments for each negative comment (in addition to the original five positive) must have been received to be listed.

We have asked that the comments to be based on the following criteria, listed in what we believe to be order of importance:

Does XYZ provide plants true to name?
Is plant condition good on receipt?
Has the service been as promised?
In the case of an error, has it been dealt with promptly and courteously?
Would you order or purchase from XYZ again?

Not being included on this list could be that too few reports have been received for inclusion OR that too many negative comments have been received. If you'd like to contribute to this compilation, write, providing your verifiable name and address, a brief description of your overall experience with water gardening, and your input on specific sources. Comments are completely confidential. Contributors may have no vested interest in suppliers included in their comments.

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