Iris ensata
& Waterlilies
in Japan

By Kit Knotts

Images courtesy of Kamo Nurseries and linked directly to their web sites


Mio Suzuki of Kamo Nurseries in Japan contacted us for information about our Victoria seeds. She wrote, "We are specialists in Japanese Iris (I. ensata) in Japan. We are planning to build a big water garden at the green house in the next year. Our main plants are water lilies and we already have over 200 in our collection. We are very interested in displaying Victorias in our new garden."

We, of course, asked more about the Iris and Mio sent us these links.

The Japan Iris Society - In English, excellent information about Iris ensata, beautiful images

Kamo Ltd. - In Japanese only but with fabulous images, especially from the links down the left side of the home page. The 2002 link goes to a series of pictures advanced from the bottom of each page.


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