Building The Pod Pools

By Kit Knotts - Click images to enlarge

We enjoy hybridizing waterlilies but growing out the offspring can be a time consuming, labor intensive pursuit, growing seedlings in small community only to pot them larger to bring them to bloom. We decided to build a series of small ponds for the purpose of growing seedlings. The ponds should be large enough to allow seedlings to reach blooming size but small enough to work in them from the edges rather than walk on babies.

Until we finish the stone work, it may be hard to visualize the concept of the complex. We saw the central raised pool as both the source of water and home of the Victoria flower fountain created by Cyndie and Mike Thomas (that page yet to come). From the center, circular ponds radiate out like Victoria pads from its crown, each holding a different waterlily cross or "pod".

The Pod Pools provide us here with an illustration of both in-ground and partially above-ground pond building. Immediately below are progress pictures of an in-ground Pod. See Pond Building Paradise Style for details.




The partially above-ground upper Pod Pool --



A finished Pod Pool and a wide view of the complex --


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