William Baxter

William T. Baxter (1788-1871) was a British garden and landscape designer and Curator of the Oxford Botanic Gardens from 1813 to 1848. He is credited with introducing the waterlily N. 'Daubenyana', thought by some to be a tropical day-blooming viviparous hybrid between N. caerulea and N. micrantha, named for Dr. Charles Daubeny.

Taxonomists currently cite N. 'Daubenyana's' original publication in 1864 (Suppl. Oxf. bot. gard. 40. 1864) but it may have existed much earlier. A reference from 1912 says that the hybrid originated in the Garden about 1851 and was mentioned by Maxwell Masters in Gardeners' Chronicle, May 24,1856. The name 'Daubenyana' is not stated in the Masters article but we presume it is the waterlily referenced. There it is given as "what he (Baxter) thinks a variety of that plant (N. micrantha) or possibly a hybrid".

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The History of Hybrid Waterlilies

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