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People from many fields of interest and pursuit have contributed to water gardening as we know it today. Here are some we consider the most important. Biographies on this site will open in the same window. Click your browser's "Back" to return to this page. Off-site links will open in a new window. Close it to return to this page.

Explorers, Naturalists, Collectors


Joseph Banks
Aime Bonpland
Tadeáš Haenke
Alexander von Humboldt
Carl Linnaeus
Francis Masson
Eduard Poeppig
Robert Schomburgk

Twentieth Century
Monroe Birdsey
Walter Pagels

  William T. Baxter
Augustin de Candolle
Henry S. Conard
Charles Daubeny
John Lindley
Jules Emile Planchon

Hybridizers (in date order of their accomplishments)
  Joseph Paxton - 1803-1865
Eduard Ortgies 1829-1916 - German - English
Carl Bouché 1809-1881
Antoine Lagrange - 1843-1921
Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac - 1830-1911
Edmund D. Sturtevant
William F. Dreer - 1849-1918
William Tricker -1852-1916
James Gurney - 1831-1920
Amos Perry
George H. Pring - 1885-1974

 Horticulturists & Nurserymen

Louis Van Houtte

Twentieth Century
Ted Uber


 Horticultural Writers

 Charles Antoine Lemaire

Twentieth Century
Philip Swindells


 Botanical Illustrators
   Walter Hood Fitch  

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The History of Hybrid Waterlilies

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