Carl Bouché

Carl David Bouché (1809-1881) of the Berlin Botanical Garden, was a gardener from 1839-1843 and director from 1843-1881. His Nymphaea hybrids, all tropical night bloomers, were created in 1852 and 1853. The best known of these was N. 'Boucheana', named and described by Planchon in 1853. It was a cross of N. rubra (today a synonym of N. pubescens) and N. lotus, and the second earliest hybrid waterlily on record. All 16 hybrids by Bouché are described in "Die Bouché'schen Nymphäen-Blendlinge im Borsig'schen Garten zu Moabit bei Berlin", by Professor Dr. Karl. Koch, Allgemeine Gartenzeitung, No. 35 1857. ( German - English )


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The History of Hybrid Waterlilies

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