Water Gardening
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General Articles
Introduction to Water Gardening by Kit Knotts
  Water Gardening Basics by Kit & Ben Knotts 
WGI's series for Beginners by Joel Police
Introduction - Your Water Garden
Water Features, Water Gardens, and Specialized Ponds
Planning: Location, Design, Action
Materials and Components for your Pond
Filtration Systems for Water Gardens and Koi Ponds
Pumps | Lighting
  Sources For Waterlilies and Aquatic Plants  
  Truly Named wgi© - Water Gardeners International Member Certification of Waterlilies 
  About Pond Filters, Skimmers, UV Sterilizers and Pumps by Kit Knotts
Fall Finale by Cyndie Thomas (Winterizing your pond) 
  Spring Start by Cyndie Thomas (Spring prep and repotting hardy waterlilies) 
  Waterlily Family Tree - Family relationships with links to taxonomy and images
  Should I Grow From Seed or Rhizome? or The Truth About Plants Grown From Both 
  Reading and Writing Plant Names by Kit Knotts
  Turtles, Toads & Other Trivial Traumas - by Rich Sacher 
  Clear Water and a new pond in Paradise - by Kit Knotts 
  Solving The Green Water Blues by members of our email discussion list
  The Sustainable Pond by Jamie Vande
  Fish for your Pond by David Smith 
  Frogs, Toads, Tadpoles and Your Pond by Kit Knotts & our email discussion list  
  Favorite Frogs Galleries 
  Complete List of Perry D. Slocum's Waterlily, Lotus & Iris Cultivars
Compiled by Charles B. Thomas
  Building Moon and Clear Water II by Kit & Ben Knotts
  From WGI ONLINE Journal -
Parasites, Pathogens, and Problem Plants by Rich Sacher, Louisiana USA   
  Innovative Thermoplanter Expands Tropical Waterlily Season by Charles B. Thomas 
  Pond Heating Possibilities by Jeremy Prentice

Specialty Articles
The Aliens Are Coming!
or Responsible Water Gardening Without Invasives - by Larry Maupin
  The Two Weeks From H--- Water Gardening Greats Visit "Paradise" 
Iris ensata & Waterlilies In Japan   
  Aphid Control by Sean Stevens Sean's Ponds & Patio Garden / Tutorials
The Gospel According To GRIN by Kit & Ben Knotts 
  Garden ornament ideas - Displays At American Aquatic Gardens
  Images of "Water World" at SNA 2003 by Rich Sacher
  Blooming Friendships -
or how the Clyde Ikins Slide Collection came to Victoria-Adventure -
by Duane Eaton
  The International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society 2006 Symposium Index
The Blues | Visit to Dania Beach Water Gardens | New Waterlily Competition
WGI Hosts as IWGS Visits Paradise | New Hall of Fame Member
  The Water Gardens of FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT by Derek Fell 
  Carlos Magdalena, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Visits Florida, Meets with Leading Hybridizers 

Special Places
  Images From Arnham Land, Australia by Dave Wilson
  Field Trip To Lake St. Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa by Jacques Gerber 
  La Gran Sabana of Venezuela, "The Lost World" by Fernando Santos
  Field Collecting Australian Water Lilies - Expeditions 2000-2001 by Andre Leu 
  Field Collecting Australian Water Lilies - Expedition 2002  by Andre Leu
  A Visit To Amazonia, Iquitos, Peru - July 2003 by Dorothy Whittembury
  Field Trip To St. Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa
2003 - Mfabeni Swamp by Jacques Gerber 
  Fagertärn, Sweden, Home of Nymphaea alba var. rubra
Photos by Nick Diaz - Courtesy of Charles Thomas
  "Tegualda" Colombia - It's garden, ponds and orchids
Guillermo Angulo's Galleries Main | Index of Orchid Images 
  New Orchid Discovered in the Asphalt Jungle by Guillermo Angulo 
  Stroll Through Bangkok's Market by KK Agrawal 
  Parque de la Exótica Flora Tropical, Venezuela by Juli Carbonell & Dorothy Whittembury
  The Conservatories at Gaylord Palms Resort - Images by Rich Sacher & Kit Knotts
  Tour of Tasmania by John Sou 
  Water Gardening In Finland by Tapani and Seija Mäenpää  
  The Korean Garden of Byoung Sup Ghill - Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 
  Flora of Malaysia's Mount Kinabalu by Pong Tip Keng 
  Corroboree Billabong, Northern Territory, Australia
with naturally occurring white Nelumbo nucifera by Dave Wilson  
  Over Night Transformation of the pond at the University of New Orleans - by Rich Sacher
  Lakeside Gardens - from the Slide Collection of Clyde Ikins 
  OzPond 2005 Pre-Symposium Tour - Text & photos by Nan Bailey
  OzPond 2005 Informal Gathering & Awards Ceremony
Text by Noelene Pullen, photos by Nan Bailey 
  The Hyacinth Project and the Children of Malawi by Larry Nau  
  Nan and Dave Bailey Sail North Queensland's Gorgeous Coast by Nan Bailey 
  2006 Walderbacher Seerosentage - Waterlily Days at Walderbach 
  2006 Tour of Gardens in Germany, Italy and Austria
with Gesellschaft der Wassergarten-Freunde
  Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Images by Dr. Sureeya Tantiwiwat 
  A fortuitous Internet search brings us new information
About Images from Dreer's Nurseries - The Riverton School Riverton Project
  The Making of a Pond in Spain by Emilio Vilaró, Tortosa, Catalonia   
  Waterbury, Connecticut's Palace Theater by Louis Belloisy 
  Our Trip to the Waterlilies of Belarus - Text and photos by Theo Germann
  Hughes Water Gardens, Tualatin Oregon USA -
2008 Waterlily Festival, Invitational Art Show & Victoria Night
Complete 450K | For shorter download Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 
  2009 Waterlily Festival & Invitational Art Show
Hughes Water Gardens, Tualatin, Oregon USA 700 K - For shorter downloads
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Indoor Gallery & Lotus | Victoria Bloom Night 

Water Gardening's History (Main Page)
  Short History of Water Gardening 
  Water Gardening Timeline From fossils to fabulous hybrids with extensive links 
  "Tree" Relationships
The History of Hybrid Waterlilies
  Index of Historical Articles 
  Antique Illustrations Galleries Index 
  The Twentieth Century 
Visit to Lilypons by Dr. G. L. Thomas, Jr.
An excerpt from Garden Pools, Waterlilies, and Goldfish, 1958
The Rock That Made The Ripples - Charles B. Thomas

Pond & Garden Magazine Archive

Directory of Botanical Gardens With Aquatics Displays
Pond and Botanical Garden Feature Articles
Pond Tour - Brisbane by Sheila Tierney
Silver Lining by Sheila Tierney 
Longwood Gardens 2002 by Doug Kevis
  Denver Botanic Gardens by Mike Thomas 
  Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens by Stephyn Butcher
  Berlin Botanical Gardens by Jamie Vande 
  Surprising Staunton Country Park, England By Chris Bailey 
  Atlanta Botanical Garden - Sean Hoelscher's Victorias
with more images by Rich Sacher & Kevin Joyce
      Atlanta Botanical Garden's 2004 Chihuly Glass Exhibition by Sean Hoelscher 
      Atlanta Botanical Garden 2004 Aquatics Display & Chihuly Glass Exhibition 
by Rich Sacher & Kevin Joyce
  New Orleans Botanical Garden - by Rich Sacher 
      New Orleans Botanical Garden 2004 Spring Aquatics Display
by Rich Sacher
      New Orleans Botanical Garden 2005 After Hurricane Katrina by Rich Sacher 
      Augsburg Botanical Garden by Werner Wallner
      Botanical Garden of München - Nymphenburg - Gallery by Werner Wallner 
      Reiman Gardens 2003 Iowa State University - Photos & Text by Ed Moran 
      McKee Botanical Garden, Vero Beach, Florida USA - by Kit Knotts
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 
      McKee Botanical Garden November 2004 (After the Hurricanes) - by Rich Sacher
      Flecker Botanic Gardens, Cairns, Queensland, Australia - Photos by Nan Bailey  
      Chihuly Glass and the Magnificent Glasshouses at the
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2005
- Photos by C.J. Hurricks  
      Within San Francisco's Golden Gate Park -
Botanical Garden, Conservatory of Flowers, Japanese Tea Garden

Images by Pong Tip Keng 
      Se-Miwon Watergardens, South Korea
Text by Max Gordon - Images by Lim Gi Youl 
      Domenico Montevecchi's Giardino Botanico "Villa Bricherasio", Italy
Images by Enrica Montevecchi and Luca Lubatti
      Lotusland in Winter Images by Dave Brigante 
      The Ponds of Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago, Illinois USA
Images by Steven Kaliski, Propagator of Aquatics
      White River Gardens at the Indianapolis Zoo - by Susan Micks  
      From WGI ONLINE Journal - Royal Botanic Gardens, Hope
Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies, by Calvin Chong 
      From WGI ONLINE Journal - Propagation areas at the
Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh - Images by Pat Clifford, Senior Horticulturist  
      From WGI ONLINE Journal -
The Oregon Garden The Oregon Garden Wetlands | Wetland Research
Water Quality Research | Barley Straw Algae Control Research
      Aquatics at The Sarah P. Duke Gardens - Photos by Rich Sacher and Kevin Joyce 
      The Water Features of Longwood Gardens - Photos by Alan Montour  
      Water Gardeners International Spotlights Denver Botanic Gardens 
      Water Features at the Getty Villa, Malibu, California USA - by Pam Spindola  
      Victoria, its New House and its History at Adelaide Botanic Gardens
by Jeremy Prentice and Lyn Dargusch  

Pond Building & Maintenance
Materials for your Water Garden by Joel Police
  Pond Building With Concrete Paradise Style by Kit Knotts 
Building Dune by Kit Knotts 
Building The Pod Pools by Kit Knotts
  Finding and Fixing Leaks in Concrete Ponds by Kit Knotts  
  Stone Borders & Walkways by Kit Knotts 
  Stone Top and Face for a Raised Pond by Kit Knotts
  All About Flexible Liners by Joel Police  
  Fixing A Leak In Your Liner by Duane Eaton 
  Building Liner Ponds by Rich Sacher 
  Building An Above Ground Display Pond by Sean Stevens
Sean's Ponds & Patio Garden / Tutorials
Building A Concrete Pond In Panama by Carla Black & Angel Rodriguez
  Benches For Around The Pond by Walt Whybrew
  Building One Of Rich's Quick Liner Ponds by Kit & Ben Knotts
  Building Moon  by Kit & Ben Knotts
  Mohd Helmi Daud, Malaysia, Builds a New Pond!
  All About Pipe for your Water Garden by Joel Police 

Water Gardening Indoors
  Home Greenhouses by Lou Belloisy  
  Building an Indoor Pond for the Budget Conscious by James Horne 
  Luminary Prospects - Water Gardening Under Artificial Light by Sean Stevens 
  Lighting For Growing Plants Indoors - A detailed analysis of HID efficiency by James Horne
  Water Gardening in a Basement Greenhouse by Stuart Culp  
  Building an Outdoor Greenhouse in Central New York by Stuart Culp 

Water Gardening Clubs Directory
  From WGI ONLINE Journal - Forming a Water Garden Club by Duane Eaton, Texas USA

Gartenteich - Water Gardening Magazine in Germany  
  Small Backyard Greenhouses - North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
  Building Greenhouses



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