Sending Victoria Seeds

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When you send us your request for Victoria seeds, it's a lot more complicated than popping a few seeds in a bag and mailing them to you. We keep extensive records and do our very best to get the correct seeds to you in good condition, with documentation and cultivation information. Since we do not charge for the seeds or the time it takes to process your request, please make it easy on us by following the directions on the Seed Request page exactly. Each request takes at least an hour to process and we do hundreds of them every seed season. Here's our checklist:

 Acknowledge receipt of request by email.

Add to database: date received, date requested, date sent, confirmations of shipping and receipt, name, address, seed quantities and lot numbers.

< Copy requests to use as shipping form. File originals. Make shipping labels and complete customs forms for foreign requests. Copy current Cultivation Guide for inclusion in package. Fill out ziplock bags: quantity, botanic name, lot number for seed bags; recipient's name on heavier outer bag.

Seed storage drawers
 < Find seed lots to be sent, count out seeds, put in bags with water, double check shipping form and put seed bags in recipient's bag.
> Fold boxes (which prevent crushing), wrap bag, shipping form, cultivation sheets in newspaper (which provides insulation), box. Attach mailing labels and postage for domestic requests. Foreign addressed boxes go into envelopes, label and clip on customs forms. Envelopes for domestic Express Mail. Verify weather in recipients' regions prior to shipping.
Take to Post Office. Notify recipients of shipping date by email. If Express Mail send tracking number. Record confirmation of receipt as well as follow-up communication. 

Seed Request Page

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