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Journal of a New Victoria Addict

By Alan Montour with Kit & Ben Knotts
Photos by Alan Montour - Click to enlarge


March 30, 2003 - Winter's last gasp?

I am SO glad that I fought back my urge to place over-wintering pond plants back into their old home! I will have to do much repotting and dividing when it finally warms up and our frost-free date arrives in Maryland. Yet my hardy lilies have already put up first floating leaves.

My Victorias and I have sure come a long way, from tiny "nicked" seeds to maturing seedlings. Six older leaves are aging gracefully and beginning to fade to yellow as their replacements come along. Each new leaf increases in size and maximum size as of today is 7 inches in diameter. My two 'Challengers' were indeed advanced to new 5 inch pots and have put up a new leaf each, all in just seven days.


 My only 'Columbia' now has 2 floating leaves and a third is just breaching the water's surface, pictured left. It would be really nice to have a specimen of each variety represented in my pond. I am sure my whole pond surface is going to be consumed by Victorias if this comes to fruition. Is there another pond in my future? Possibly! This tank is almost out of surface area itself so summer had better make a hasty arrival. I just can't convince myself to "stall" them when I am so fascinated with watching their march to maturity.

Kit bestowed the name "Victoria Addict" on me and I truly have become one! I fully enjoy sharing my progress and addiction with everyone in images like these.

<<< I am still nursing 2 'Challengers' and 1 'Atlantis'! Wouldn't it be amazing if my Atlantis would "take off" after such a struggle? I would like it to be so, please!

 I am happy with my results over-wintering one 'Red Flare' tuber and producing 5 new plants from it, all in a 10 gallon aquarium. >>>

If I could just learn how to produce my own cultivar and become the next Charles Winch -- now I am just dreaming!

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