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Journal of a New Victoria Addict

By Alan Montour with Kit & Ben Knotts
Photos by Alan Montour - Click to enlarge


June 19, 2003


At this stage of my Victoria journey I am left with only one 'Longwood Hybrid'. Maximum leaf size is 10 inches and a new leaf is being produced every 5 to 7 days. This Victoria has been growing in an 8 inch round x 5 inch deep container for 45 days now. I used soil from my backyard vegetable garden consisting of clay/sand/composted leaves and grasses. I have to admit to something here -- I have only supplemented the Victoria with 2 Pondtabbs, when it was advanced from its 5 inch pot May 4, and 1 more June 4. Water temperature in the tank has been maintained at 80 degrees and 25% water exchanges have been performed twice weekly.

Small feeder roots have reached the soil's surface indicating that I need to advance to a larger container. I was hoping to perform this at the same time I placed my Longwood in its reserved location in pond. Mother Nature has provided many of us with above normal clouds and rain, below average air temperatures and few sunny days this spring. I thought I had better seek advice before setting the plant out and possibly risking its survival just because of my anxiety to see it finally make it into its Maryland home.

Hi Kit! My situation is -- daytime air temps are now into the low 80's BUT nighttime temps are still very unstable, now in the low 60's and forecast to drop a few times into the 50's :( Alan

Hi Alan! I would say wait. Even though the water temp is OK, we see damage to the pad surfaces when the air temps are in the 50's. You might want to boost the pot size -- the bigger the plant size the better when it goes out. Kit



So the advance was performed and my Victoria still resides in the stock tank in a new 12 inch round and 8 inch deep pot. I hope this wasn't too large. Also I am hoping I was not too rough on the plant -- a plant this size was quite a handful for a beginner like me.

I added a 1/2 inch layer of peat to the bottom of the pot, 1 crumbled Pondtabb, 1 inch of my garden loam, my Victoria and the final soil slurry to reach the same level as the crown. Back into it went into the tank, my fingers crossed, and my Victoria adventure continues onward.



 I've gone from this --

 to this --

  to this.
When do we go outdoors? Only Mother Nature knows this answer! My pond and I eagerly wait as the first day of summer rapidly approaches. As I wait I continue to enjoy the ups and downs, losses and success, the knowledge and experience gained.

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