"Chop and Drop" of Victoria at the
Royal Botanic Garden

by Pat Clifford, Senior Horticulturist
Photos by Pat Clifford & Alistair Paxton
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By the middle of October of 2005, with the day length decreasing, the Victoria cruzianas were deteriorating rapidly. In 2004 we lasted into December but it was probably the vigour of the V. 'Longwood Hybrids' we grew. I decided to try a "chop and drop" on one of the V. cruzianas in late October.





 ^ The tools | Digging up
Pruning the root | Ready ^
  < Victoria replanted using the wire hoops to anchor it (note how much deeper the plant is in the water). The Guppies feasting on the aphids which are now submerged. >
Alas, by the following Monday, the Victoria was floating at the other end of the pond. The wire hoops probably should have been longer. I will try the procedure earlier next year. We removed all of the Victorias the end of that week and the pond looked very empty.


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