Moving American Aquatic Gardens'
Victoria cruziana to a Winter Home

By Rich Sacher - Click images to enlarge

October 2, 2003

After two nights of 60 degree temperatures here in New Orleans, today we moved our Victoria cruziana to the greenhouse to see if we can overwinter it. We have cut all spent flowers off every perhaps it can be fooled into staying in growth thru the winter. This might also test our theory that V. cruziana tends to be more "annual" than V. amazonica or the hybrids. Moving it was quite a job, since it has ten leaves and an eight foot spread!

We had to use three concrete blocks, plus bricks to hold the root system down in the muck on the pond bottom. If the plant stays put, we will dump several pots of fertilized soil over the roots and crown...and see what happens.

Before the move


On a cart

Into the greenhouse pond

The pond is 10' x 10'

Anchored in the bottom

November 4, four weeks after transplant, the plant is smaller but still healthy and blooming.

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