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  Victoria 'Adventure' (Main)
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  Victoria amazonica (Main)
Identification | Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Christmas amazonica
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  Victoria 'Atlantis' (Main)
 Identification | Gallery 1
'Atlantis' Flower Time Lapse Slide Show - 357K
  Victoria 'Challenger' 
  Victoria 'Columbia' 
  Victoria cruziana  (Main)
Identification | Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 - The First Paraguayan
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  Victoria 'Discovery'
  Victoria 'Longwood Hybrid'  (Main)
Identification | Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4
First Night Opening - Slide Show by Billy Bates 600K
Gallery 5 | Gallery 6 | Gallery 7 | Gallery 8
  Euryale ferox 
  Gallery of Antique Illustrations  
  Victoria (Large & Small) Progress Pictures Page 1 | Page 2 
Galleries by Photographer
  KK Agrawal Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3
  Guillermo Angulo's Bathtub Victoria Galleries (Index) 
Bathtub Victoria | First Flower | The Bathtub Victoria Gets A New Home
The Second Life of Guillermo's Victoria | Victoria 2002
The Third Life of Guillermo's Victoria  
  Billy Bates & Steve Kennon's Gallery 2003 
  Carla Black "Double" Victoria Pad
  Carla Black & Angel Rodriguez, Panama Victoria First Night Opening Movie - 8M - Not recommended for dailup connections - Needs QuickTime Player Free Download 
  Dave Brigante's Passion for Victoria, Growing them all in Tualatin, Oregon   
  Mohd Helmi Daud Victoria amazonica in Malaysia - From Seed To Bloom
  The Clyde Ikins Collection - Victoria & Euryale
  Kit Knotts 
Victoria Triple - V. amazonica, V. 'Adventure', V. cruziana compared 
Dissection of V. amazonica 
Clash of the Titans V. amazonica and N. gigantea compete for space
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Potpourri | Christmas Vics 2001 | Reflection - Independence Day 2002 
  Jay Lee Victoria Thrives In Korea 2005
  Rich Sacher Victorias 
  Lily Summers Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 
  Chas Summers Makes His Debut on a Victoria Pad 
  Joe Summers Gallery of Victorias at Missouri Botanical Garden 
  Alex Howerton Grows Up on Victoria Pads  
Galleries from Gardens
  Atlanta Botanical Garden's 2005 Victorias - Photos by Sean Hoelscher
  Victoria at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh by Pat Clifford, Senior Horticulturist  
  Victoria Images by Ian Walker
from Flecker Botanic Gardens, Cairns, Queensland, Australia 
  Victoria & Chihuly Glass at the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew - by James Knock  
  Images of La Rinconada, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and its World Record Victorias | Gallery 2
  A Closer Look at La Rinconada
Flowers | Buildings | Panoramic Views | Victoria Details | Baby Victorias
  The Oregon Garden Silverton, Oregon, USA - More Than A Pretty Face!
Photos by Renee Stoops and The Oregon Garden
  Tea Party With a Twist! at The Oregon Garden - Photos by Peter Marbach
  Victoria & Euryale 2005 at Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO - Photos by Tim Dale 
  Victoria 2006 - White River Gardens at the Indianapolis Zoo - by Susan Micks 
  Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam Celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Victoria 

  Introduction To Victoria
Image Galleries
Adventure in Paradise - New developments in the raising of cultivars of the giant waterlily Victoria
An animated image "paper" presented by Kit Knotts at the
International Horticultural Congress 2002, Toronto
8M download
- Not recommended for dialup connections
(If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, click here to download a viewer)
  Myths & Misinformation About Victoria 
  The Largest Victoria Pads Every Recorded!
La Rinconada, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Text by Tonchi Ribero
  From WGI ONLINE Journal - What are La Rinconada, Bolivia, Victorias?
Comparison of La Rinconada Plants to Both Species  
  The Weight-bearing Capability of Victoria
by Li Shujuan, Xi'an Botanical Garden, Xi'an, China 

Victoria's History  by Kit Knotts
Victoria Regia The Gardeners' Chronicle 1850
Provided by Mike Stephenson
Victoria Regia, OR The Great Water Lily OF America (167K)
by John Fisk Allen, with illustrations by William Sharp 1854
For shorter download Page 1 | Page 2 | Plates
The Victoria Regia - Historical Reminiscences
Wisconsin State Horticultural Society 1885
Provided by Mike Stephenson
Plant Notes. The Victoria Regia Garden and Forest 1888
Provided by Mike Stephenson
  Gallery of Antique Illustrations
  The Legend of the Flower of Victoria
Story by Steve and Maria Yolen
Translation from the Portuguese by Guillermo Angulo 

In The Wild
Rich Sacher's Amazon Adventure
In Search of the Giant Victoria
The Search for the Hardy Victoria Waterlily of Argentina
By Walter Pagels and Lindsay "Butch" Weaver
The Search For Irupé
The Hardy Victoria Waterlily Of Argentina - Part II
By Jorge Monteverde - English - Español 
  Expedition to Investigate the Central Bolivian Original Collection Site of
La Rinconada's Victorias
 - Article | More Images
Text by Tonchi Ribero - Photos by Luzmilla (Chiqui) Arroyo 

In Cultivation
  Directory of
Gardens That Display Victoria
Our Adventure With Victoria
Sequential articles about the practical side of Victoria in cultivation
Image Galleries
Identification of Varieties
About Victoria Lot Numbers
Pedigrees of Victoria Species and Hybrids
Understanding F1, F2 and F-something Hybrids
2002 Victoria (Large & Small) Progress Pictures
  Miniature Victorias By Kit Knotts with Travis Andrews & Joe Summers
Shipping Victoria By KK Agrawal 
Victorias at the United States National Aboretum 2001-2-3
Rich Sacher's "Bonsai" Victoria
Surprising Staunton Country Park, England By Chris Bailey
  Victoria Goes To Gaylord by Kit Knotts & Robert Layman
  Mesozoic Monster - Richard Moyroud's Huge Victoria  
  The Death of Old Faithful - by Benno Wang, Hilo, Hawaii   

How To Grow Victoria
Cultivation Guide
The Absolute Essentials For Victoria Seedling Survival 
Our Initial Experiments With Peat
Peat Works 
Timetable Of Victoria Seedling Growth
Plant & Seed Selection
Obtaining Seeds
Our Process of Sending Out Victoria Seeds
Setup For Victoria Seed Sprouting &
2003 Every Other Day Germination Results
Another Approach To Growing Seedlings Successfully By James Lim
Journal of a New Victoria Addict by Alan Montour
"Nicking" Victoria Seeds Step By Step
Details About Planting Seedlings 
Shipping & Receiving Victorias
Weakly Weekly
Or more than you ever wanted to know about feeding baby Victorias, adults too
Sources For Ingredients In Our Victoria Nutrient "Cocktail"
The cOZtail The Australian equivalent of our Victoria nutrient cocktail
by Paul Noonan 
Outdoor Setup For Victoria Seedlings
Boosting Baby Victorias To Bigger Pots Step By Step
Stalling Young Victorias
A simple solution for preventing critters from eating your water plants --
Cage 'Em! by Kit Knotts 
How to Make a Victoria Pen by Don Goodman, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens  
KK Agrawal's Victoria Growth Experiments
Step by Step Repotting Victoria
Extending the Life of Victoria How to deal with overgrowth 
Comparison of Victoria Seedlings
  Replenishing Water in an Aquarium by Chris Lindsey
  Germination in vitro:
future for the Victoria amazonica seeds?
by Renata Mazzini
  Producing Victoria Seeds by Kit Knotts
  Collecting Victoria Seeds by Kit Knotts
  Winterized Victorias with a clever alternative to the "cocktail"
by Enrique Bay-Schmith 
  Moving American Aquatic Gardens'
Victoria cruziana to a Winter Home
by Rich Sacher
  The Caracas, Venezuela, Victoria Society
Its Birth
Gallery of Additional Images
Gallery of El Toro
Starting The Seeds
Sonia's Bucket Babies
Expedition to Parque de la Exótica Flora Tropical
First Flowering of Sonia Angeli's Bucket Victoria

Special Articles
  The Legend of the Flower of Victoria 
Story by Steve and Maria Yolen
Translation from the Portuguese by Guillermo Angulo
  Mother, you are my one and only | Madre no hay sino una
A charming love story by Guillermo Angulo
  'Twas The Night Before Christmas
A Special Victoria-Adventure Adaptation
by Alan Montour  
  Victoria, a love affair by Guillermo Angulo, Colombia  
  Tegualda, another love affair 350K - For shorter download Part 1 | Part 2
by Guillermo Angulo, Colombia 

Scientific Articles
  Anatomy of Victoria Flowers
"The floral anatomy of Victoria Schomb.
by E.L. Schneider
Investigation: the possibility of hybridization in breeding lineages of Victoria cruziana and V. amazonica DNA Study Results
by Keith Hartley and Jeremie Fant, Chicago Botanic Garden

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