Timetable Of Victoria Seedling Growth

Here is the timetable of what to expect from your Victoria seedlings if all of the Absolute Essentials are met. Slower growth indicates that something isn't right and survival is questionable. Faster growth is possible in optimum conditions. Hybrids will be at the lower end of the estimates, species at the higher end. Once in 6" pots, all can be purposely stalled if final installation needs to be delayed.

From sprout to planting with filiform leaf, two hastate leaves and roots
in 3 ounce cups with holes, sand and peat
 6-10 days  
Planting to first floating leaf
(Begin fertilizing with the Cocktail as directed)
 6-10 days  12-20 days
Second floating leaf (bigger than the first)  6-10 days  18-30 days
Third floating leaf (bigger than the second)   6-10 days  24-40 days
Boost to 8 ounce cup with holes, sand and peat - 2" to 4" pads   30-50 days 
Boost to 6" pot with holes, sand and peat - 4"-6" pads    50-80 days
Final installation - 8" and up pads    60-100 days

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