2010-11 Victoria Seed Request Form

The seed bank is closed for the year. Please do not send requests until it reopens. They will be discarded.

Please read and follow the instructions on the Seed Request page carefully or you may not receive your seeds! Include a self-addressed adhesive label and correct postage.

Level of experience with Victoria:
First time:   Some experience:    Experienced:
Desired shipping date:

Foreign requests include customs and agricultural instructions for your country here:

1. I agree not to grow F2's or later generations of the hybrids or distribute current or previously produced seeds from them.
2. I agree not to grow any Victorias from seeds of unknown origin or uncertain parentage, i.e. those without lot numbers or accession numbers from a recognized botanic garden, or distribute previously produced seeds from them.
3. I agree that, if I produce excess plants, I will pass them on with complete name and lot number.
4. I have read the Victoria Cultivation Guide and am prepared to meet Victoria's requirements.
5. I agree not to sell seeds provided by the Knotts.
6. I have joined Water Gardeners International on line or enclose my membership application.


Name (printed)


Email address

 Variety    Number requested  Lot # (for our use)
  V. amazonica (limited)  _________ _________
   V. cruziana  _________  _________
 Primary hybrids    
   V. 'Adventure' (botanic gardens only)  _________ _________
   V. 'Longwood Hybrid'  _________ _________
 Back-cross hybrids - not available in 2010-11    

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