Repotting Victoria Step by Step
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1. Standard Repot

An overgrown plant in need of repotting

The plant out of the pot, few anchoring roots remain

Removing rot from the base of the rhizome

Feeder roots above soil

Replacing the plant deeper
in the pot

Adding sand around crown


 <Arranging and washing the pads after repotting

>The plant recovered to
bloom again


2. Chop and Drop
The large Victoria at Merritt Island Ace Hardware and Garden Center desperately needed repotting because its crown was out of the water. It was planted in a shallow plastic container of about 15 gallons and also very rootbound. We removed older pads, wrestled the plant out of its pot and used a large knife to slice off the bottom half of its roots and rhizome. We slid it back into its pot and added soil. The plant did well until the weather turned very cold when it died.

Ace's Victoria Before

Slicing off roots and rhizome

Ace's Victoria After

 Victoria Cultivation

 Extending the Life of Victoria

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