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We make this slight departure from our policy of avoiding any sort of commercialism because we consider what follows a great service to the water gardening community. We sincerely appreciate the willingness of the growers below to provide quality pedigreed Victorias to enthusiasts in the US.


Wholesale ONLY:

Luster Aquatic Nursery - Reserve now for spring 2011
3864 Oak Hill Ranches Rd
Zolfo Springs, FL 33890
Phone (863)735-2400
Fax (863)735-2401
Email:: jcpresnell@earthlink.net
Web site: www.lusteraquatic.com
Will ship



Victoria Lily Specialties - Reserve now for spring 2011
Email: info@victorialilyspecialties
Website: www.victorialilyspecialties.com
Will ship


American Aquatic Gardens & Gifts - Reserve now for spring 2011
621 Elysian Fields
New Orleans, LA 70117
Phone (504) 944-0410
Email: amaqg@bellsouth.net
Web site: www.americanaquaticgardens.com
No shipping


Lilypons Water Gardens - Reserve now for spring 2011
Post Office Box 10
6800 Lilypons Road
Adamstown, Maryland 21910-0010
Phone 1.800.999.5459
Email: info@lilypons.com
Web site: www.lilypons.com
Will ship

For Botanical Gardens ONLY

If we have excess plants, we provide them free of charge to botanical and public gardens in the US. (We would appreciate reimbursement for Express Mail shipping.) It is unlikely that we will have extra plants for 2010 due to our record cold winter. We require that you join Water Gardeners International (free of charge) to receive plants. Kit & Ben Knotts
Email: kit@victoria-adventure.org

If others have pedigreed plants available we will be happy to add them to this list.

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