2002 Victoria Germination Notes
U.S. National Arboretum

Victoria Notes - Dates

Majority of seed sown on 3/1/02, 2/3 in bags, 1/3 in soil.

First germination on 3/8 &12: both seeds of V. cruziana-02C34

3/14: 2 LH-02L58 in soil germinated - had one floating leaf each. 2 additional cruziana germ. E. ferox-02EFD begins to germinate - 2 plants.

3/19: first germ. of LH - 02L57, the second lot sown on 3/7. LH - 02L58 continues to germ.

3/21: first germ. of V. amazonica. Also first transplanting: two cruziana and one LH-02L58 transplanted up to 10 oz. containers and fertilized.

3/29: Discovery-02LXA67 and Atlantis-02HXA61 have been germinating.

4/1: no observation of any Adventure germ. Nicked 5 seeds of each lot of Adventure.

No lots of any type appear to have germination rate above 35-40%. Overall, things appear to be going well.

4/25: Two seeds only of Adventure-02H07 have germinated and have been transplanted up to 10 oz. containers.

Seeds of all lots in bags except 2 Adventure lots removed and either cleaned and stored, or discarded. Required for space for growing plants.

As of 4/25/02 we had transplanted 13 Vics and 4 E. ferox up to 3 times to a 6" standard pot:

1 Adventure-02H07
1 amazonica
1 Atlantis
3 Discovery
3 LH: mix of both lots
4 cruziana

After 4/25 things became way too busy! End of data.

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