About Victoria Lot Numbers

Several years ago a system of assigning lot numbers was devised by the Victoria Conservancy to keep track of Victoria accessions from the wild and from cultivated lines. Ideally this system would have been used world-wide and the information made readily available to those interested in Victoria. This did not transpire but we personally have retained the system to avoid confusion and, whenever possible, include Victoria seeds from other producers and collectors in our numbering.

The first numerals indicates the year of the seeds. In our opinion this should be the year of collection but, for some reason, wild seeds were assigned numbers for the year of collection but cultivated seeds were assigned to the next year. In 2004, we chose to adjust this so that, in the future, all lot numbers will clearly reflect the year in which the seeds were collected, important if storing them over a period of time. 2002 seeds have "03" as their first two numerals (even though they were collected in 2002), seeds collected in 2003 begin with "034" and 2004 seeds have the number "04".

Next in the sequence is a letter or letters indicating the species or hybrid.

A = amazonica
C = cruziana
H = 'Adventure' 
L = 'Longwood Hybrid'
HXA = 'Atlantis'
HXC = 'Columbia'
LXA = 'Discovery'
LXC = 'Challenger' 

Last is a numeral or numerals. Originally these were assigned in receipt order. In the last several years they have been "blocked" as much as possible. For instance 'Adventure' receives numbers in the 01-10 block.

amazonica x self = 11-20
amazonica x amazonica = 21-30
cruziana x self = 31-40
cruziana x cruziana = 41-50 
'Adventure' = 01-10
'Longwood Hybrid' = 51-60
Back-cross hybrids = 61-70

This makes it possible, when we have been able to perpetuate straight line breeding of the species, to assign the same numbers in successive years to those lines. Hybrids with exact reciprocal parents are assigned corresponding last numerals such as 03H07 and 03L57 when possible. Sometimes though we run out of numbers within the blocks and assign this last group of numerals (formerly) randomly or (currently) at the end of the complete list.

 034H02 =
Seeds collected in 2003 - 'Adventure' - from parents in the pedigree charts

On occasion an additional letter or number will follow the lot number. These have at times been assigned to different pods of the same wild collection or of the same cultivated cross.

 01C46-B = 2001 - cruziana - collection 46 - pod B

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