Anatomy of Victoria Flowers

In late August 1998, we were able to persuade Stan Skinger to spend a week with us. He brought along all of the materials he could find on Victoria, sent to him largely by Walter Pagels. One of our goals for the week was to dissect, photograph, and identify the flower parts in a way understandable to us non-botanists. We settled on "The floral anatomy of Victoria Schomb.(Nymphaeaceae)" by E.L. Schneider as our primary reference.


Victoria cruziana and Victoria amazonica

  Victoria 'Longwood Hybrid'




Halving a cruziana and an amazonica flower side by side revealed stunning differences in the shapes and colors of the interiors. A few nights later we cut open a 'Longwood Hybrid' which showed characteristics of both parents with cruziana traits the much stronger. We were finally able to label a photo with all the parts important to us.

"The floral anatomy of Victoria Schomb.(Nymphaeaceae)"

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