The Absolute Essentials
for Victoria seedling survival

Victoria is not easy to grow, especially from seed to juvenile plant. In order to have any success AT ALL you will need the following:

Water that is 85F (29C) or higher for starting seeds and growing seedlings

Nicking of seeds of certain varieties

Water exchanges of 25% twice a week or a small flow through the aquarium or tank

Good light and good air circulation

Pots or cups with holes in the bottom

A bland planting medium, preferably plain sand, with a small amount of peat in the bottom of the pots

A nutrient package given weakly weekly, preferably the Cocktail

Please read the entire Cultivation Guide if you want to grow Victoria successfully.

April 2004 Update -
Reports from growers following this program exactly report live, healthy plants. Growers NOT following the program exactly report dead or dying plants.

Victoria Cultivation

 Page 1 - Storing Seeds, Starting Seeds, "Nicking"

Page 2 - Setup For Seedlings, Planting Seedlings

Page 3 - Floating Leaf Stage, Feeding Seedlings, Potting Larger

Page 4 - Final Planting, Nutrients, Potential Problems

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