Dig & Drag II

The Resurrection of Reflection

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By November 21, 2004, with the interior part of the garden largely sand free, and with Rich Sacher and Kevin Joyce coming from New Orleans to help us dig, we decided to call on other friends to attend Dig & Drag II (click here for pictures from Dig & Drag I). We thought it was time to resurrect what has become our signature pond, Reflection.

Through the Herculean efforts of this amazing group, by 2:22 in the afternoon we declared the dig complete and began filling Reflection. There is no way to express our gratitude to these friends who came from not just all over Florida and Louisiana but from as far as Korea (thank you Jay Lee!) You have made our hearts glad!

8 am

10 am

12 Noon

Lunch Break

1 pm

2 pm

Left to right: Craig Presnell, Kevin Joyce, Dick Beal, Dennis Melcher, Ben, Rich Sacher, Jay Lee, Bill Cherry, Bill Aiman, Lorenzo Caum, Darcy Presnell (Cheech in foreground). 

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