The House Is Finished!
Party Time!

April 17, 2005, we celebrated the official completion of the house reconstruction by giving a party for everyone who helped us with the house and garden (far from complete but comparitively well along) and their families. Too often the people who do the work don't see the final result or get a real thank you. Almost all the people who helped us went far beyond the call of duty and became friends if they weren't already.

Since many of our guests didn't know each other, we created an "icon" for what each person did for or with us and put it on a name tag. The idea was for other people to figure out what the icons represented. Murdock's Bistro in Cocoa Village catered brunch. Pat tended bar and Stevie organized made-to-order omelets prepared by Chef Denver Kline. Everything was delicious and we didn't have to lift a finger!

Quite a few contributors to this web site and associated email discussion list who had helped us Dig & Drag in the garden were also invited. The two people who came from the farthest to help us, Jay Lee from Korea and Alan Montour from Maryland, couldn't make it and were missed, but the two from the next farthest, Rich Sacher from New Orleans and Sean Hoelscher from Atlanta, were on hand.

D&Ders Bill Aiman and Rich Sacher took the pictures. Click the images to enlarge and to see who did what.

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